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July 14th, 2011

05:12 pm - good deals/children's gifts
I really love finding good deals on things. $9 for a tub of Duplos for Rowan's birthday--would have been $25 new. $4 for a Christmas gift for a friend's daughter--would have been $15 new. A couple of board-book editions, in perfect shape, of three books we have out of the library right now, $2 apiece. I'm going to put those away for Rowan's birthday, too.

I have a question. I have a friend (who is not on Livejournal) who has two daughters. Because there are two of them, and because their grandmother/nanny used to teach preschool, and because their mom has an eye for good deals, they have way too many toys. And books. And magazine subscriptions. Basically, anything I could think of to get them, for any reason. I usually skip their birthdays, but I like sending a Christmas package every year. But I'm running out of ideas. Most recently, I've given books, but when I visited them this spring, even their books were taking over the house. Any suggestions?

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